The questions that have been most frequently asked or that we feel would be of interest:

1. How can you get to large stumps in fenced-in areas, where other grinders can't?

The 32" Machine Width with removal of two of the front wheels allows the stump grinder to go through narrow gates, along narrow pathways and through 36" doorways to get to hard-to-reach stumps in fenced-in areas.

2. Can you operate the stump grinder on a lawn after it rains?

The Wide Turf Tires allow the stump grinder to work on rain softened lawns with little or no damage to the lawn.

3. How do you determine the cost of removing a stump?

Determined by size, type, and location.

4. Do we have any references?

We have so many references we don't know where to start. a) Try Punk Gardener: Reference for Remove My Stump b) Preferred contractor list for Austin from Best Moves: Your New Home Magazine

5. Looking for other recommended contractors for Austin or other areas?

We build relationships with many other contractors in many different areas through Best Moves: Your New Home Magazine .

6. What type of tree did I have?

There are so many types of trees that we thought we would point to you a site that references some of the trees by the bark The Woodlands: Texas Trees



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