Reliable. Trusted. Guaranteed. That's how you'd describe our services here at WorthingtonScott (WS). For years, your friends and neighbors have counted on our no-nonsense approach to servicing Texans' needs.

Key Benefits:
1.    No hole to fill in with new topsoil
2.    No root to haul away
3.    Location ready for landscaping

Similar to chipping, stump grinding makes use of natures products. The grindings from the tree stump are a natural mulch highly rich with nutrients. We have a unique articulating grinder that gets into those hard to reach places. We completely grind away the tree stump so it doesn't grow back.

Our service utilizes the latest technologies to quickly and efficiently remove your stumps. Our technicians are fully trained and able to respond promptly to your requests. We are extremely busy due to Hurricane Ike and will respond as quickly as possible. We look forward to contact with you and we'll get it done right.




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